Aids basics

aids basics

1. Global Fact Sheet: HIV/AIDS. I. HIV/ AIDS Basics. HIV/AIDS is one of the most destructive diseases humankind has ever faced. It brings with it profound social.
Basic, accessible information on HIV, AIDS, HIV transmission, HIV testing, HIV treatment and information for people who have recently been diagnosed with HIV.
Frequently asked questions and answers about HIV/ AIDS prevention, transmission, and treatment....

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Your best chance of staying well. You won't find it on public surfaces like door handles or toilet seats. Is HIV still a risk if you're faithful? It is most helpful to take the test in a situation where the test is voluntary, anonymous, or confidential, and where counseling is offered before and after the test. You cannot get it from mosquitoes or other insect or animal bites. It mostly affects the lungs.
aids basics

What are the symptoms of HIV infection? What are STDs and how do they relate aids basics HIV infection? Looking for the basics series of illustrated leaflets? Talk to your doctor or another member. A test can tell if you have HIV.