Barack obama censor news

barack obama censor news

VIA| President Barack Obama spoke at a summit on poverty Wednesday afternoon where he endeared himself to a liberal audience by castigating Fox News for.
President Obama in the White Hosue briefing room. AP Photo . politically driven suppression of news and information about federal agencies.
President Barack Obama on Thursday decried America's "wild, wild west" media fact-based news that most people trusted, Obama said democracy “The answer is obviously not censorship, but it's creating places where....

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Not only is there a concern of censorship and foreign jurisdictions stripping U. I have to say that if you watch Fox News on a regular basis, it is a constant venue. But while the passage of the NDAA - and the funding of the US military - was hardly a surprise, the biggest news is what was buried deep inside the provisions of the Defense Authortization Act.

barack obama censor news

It is going to get worse. His plan to make many more citizens dependent on the Government is his only success. We will be watching. SupremeCourt had to make it a tax because there is no Constitutional authority. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of. Golf seems to be on faqs staffroom mind far more than keeping us safe. When is the barack obama censor news media going to wake up and report the news not their biased opinions. Obama grew up attending private schools in Honolulu while living with his rich grandparents and personal nanny. THIS is America, home of the FREE!

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  • Barack obama censor news
  • We citizens have the right to listen to Fox News without them being censored,and Fox News has the right to give truthful news,instead of being censored.
  • President does not have that authority If he can, he should, they promote hate… they are the worst… they feed negativity.. Military professors call Trump Army secretary pick 'serious threat'.

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Everything we've been taught is being turned upside down. SupremeCourt had to make it a tax because there is no Constitutional authority. As depending on where you hear it could be leaning, just as on the payroll George S. America has become the evil empire, the world's Satanic master, Satan's seat of power, and the home of Anti Christ. Is any one surprised by this? Bush made the same assertion, it would have been considered tyranny. There is a reason it is called the white house.

barack obama censor news