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What is global warming? Global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth's atmosphere. It's said that by the time a baby born today is 80 years old, the.
For hundreds of years, Ireland was ruled by its next door neighbour - Great Britain. Many people objected to being ruled by Britain. A campaign.
Animal teeth. Animals' teeth are different depending upon what foods they eat. Meat-eaters (carnivores) have sharp teeth. Plant-eaters (herbivores) have flat.

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The Commonwealth - people and places. What was so special about them? Should we cull animals? Our clickable map of the D-Day beaches. Royal wedding - line of succession. World Day for Water. Could trade replace aid?

Vote now on cbbcnews newsid much fizz you drink! It comes from an old Arabic word meaning "peace. E-mail this to a friend. Bizarre new creature discovered. How do we remember the war dead? Bizarre new creature discovered. Child labour in developing countries. Sending YOUR CLIPS to Newsround. What's the 'ozone layer' got to do with global warming? Art and the individual: Richard Billingham. What is global warming? Can you teach 'Britishness'? Inclusive celebration - Hallowe'en. Kid Nation - Reality TV. Skip to main content.

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What's the 'ozone layer' got to do with global warming? It's a key date in the story of the second world war. Floss your brain with our toothy quiz. The word "Islam" means submission to God's will and obedience to God's law.

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TEACHERS TEACHING SPECIAL EDUCATION The Leeds' footballers' trial. The five pillars of Islam, cbbcnews newsid. Their tusks are the longest teeth in the world. Kid Nation - Reality TV. Race, religion and identity. Wind power in the UK. They get new teeth when they lose the old ones.
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