City chennai govt staff more holidays articleshow

city chennai govt staff more holidays articleshow

CHENNAI: State government employees are in for a rude shock as the new days of government and bank holidays, salaries are bound to get delayed. READ ALSO: TN govt to dole out 52% more in salary to staff in next 3 years from state government · Special purpose vehicle for 'smart city ' gets state.
CHENNAI: The Central government employees ' welfare coordination "Pongal (January 14) previously declared as restricted holiday is now changed as closed holiday. Source: city / chennai /pongal-a- closed- holiday -for-central- govt - staff / articleshow /
Observed City Holidays. 2017 City Holidays. City offices and facilities will be closed on the following dates: New Year's Day (observed) - Monday, January...

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Nevertheless this ban on Jallikattu and the subsequent events flowed from it are just that one high friction which sparked off the youth and the students who then rallied the aspirations of the wider society. Know more about Times Points. Since Pongal falls on Saturday this year, there is no possibility of giving a holiday and central government employees have been allowed to avail this leave on a different date for a different festival, she said.. The Crackdown After the forced evacuation of the Marina beach protesters a massive state crackdown is going on in Chennai targeting the ordinary people particularly the fishing communities and the people in the slums nearby Marina who actually safeguarded the protesters against the onslaught! Looking for romance online?

This set off a stray of protests across Tamil Nadu and particularly in Alanganallur with the students and young people across the state poured in to express their overwhelming dissent over the ban on Jallikattu. Choose your reason below and click on the Submit button. We also articles portman shutdown billaspx the demand for the state government instead of the influential local private entities to conduct Jallikattu. Streets and Rights of Way. This will alert our moderators to take action. As things were going out of hand the Tamil Nadu State government pushed the central government for an ordinance to conduct Jallikattu but the Centre in-turn directed the state government to issue an ordinance. Danda Nacha: Folk Dance of Odisha. These dynamics were seriously assaulted with the present BJP government of Modi in the centre and with its authoritarian way of infringing the regional interests with a pan Hindutva nationalist agenda there is a city chennai govt staff more holidays articleshow array of attacks over the cultural and the traditional sentiments of the Tamil people.

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City chennai govt staff more holidays articleshow Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Your reason has been submitted to the Admin. In the past few years for every January, despite all the other issues data assets file a crises ridden society like Tamil Nadu — Jallikattu remains the hot topic. It is also important to understand that the objectives of animal welfare are essentially linked to the struggle for a better society which will ensure the needs of the people, pledge a decent society to ensure the welfare of all living organisms and the protection of our environment and nature. Your reason has been submitted to the Admin.