English news appeals billion avoid starvation yemen

english news appeals  billion avoid starvation yemen

The Swiss humanitarian agency said speed was of the essence to prevent a tragedy of massive proportions in Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan.
More than 20 million people face starvation in the four countries and action is needed now to avert a humanitarian disaster, Guterres told a news conference at "We need $4.4 billion by the end of March to avert a catastrophe," he said. in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen could die from famine.
Amid dire predictions of mass starvation, the United Nations is calling on the or OCHA, is asking for billion in emergency relief for Yemen, Said Guterres at the time: “We are facing a tragedy; we must avoid it becoming a catastrophe. “Part of it is that appeals are couched as if every emergency is...

English news appeals billion avoid starvation yemen - tour Seoul

Activists target Saudi arms profiteers. While drought was playing havoc with the lives of people in Somalia and Yemen, he said famine in all four countries was "first and foremost the result of protracted conflicts. A famine has already been declared in a swath of South Sudan. In northern Nigeria, a famine could already be underway, according to an early warning system funded by the United States Agency for International Development. Yemen was overwhelmingly dependent on imports for its food supply. Across the region, terrorists and extremist groups were the only winners of the present conflicts, and the international community should already have learned that postponing efforts to combat such groups would only lead to more havoc, he said.

UN Needs $2.1 Billion To Avert Famine In Yemen

English news appeals billion avoid starvation yemen -- tri

Somali refugees in Yemen were of great concern, he said, stressing that a collective effort, chiefly led by Ethiopia and Kenya, to host Somali refugees was vital. Despite the almost impossible conditions, United Nations relief staff continued to step up to meet the humanitarian needs across the country.