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To say the least I don't like the " Samsung Elements" on the phone. FNC5 won't give you a ' pure Android experience' as Samsung locked the Forum ; SolvedIs Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Optimized for Android apps?.
I am a big fan of pure Android because of several simple things: zero . Every other phone (Samsung, LG) has its own customized Android OS.
I would like to remove TouchWiz and put in Pure Android. do by rooting the device/unlocking the bootloader which Samsung makes difficult. Nearly Pure Android - Android Forums at

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That makes no sense. Wouldn't put more of a load on the phones ram? I would like to remove, not just hide, but completely extricate all of it and just have a pure Android OS on my phone. That combined with the Android modifications actually causes the OS to take up a fair bit more space on the internal storage as well.

S-View cover window doesn't work with some versions of CM. Android Runtime Optimization Magisk Module Increases the Speed of Apps on First Boot. And no one for sure know other than Samsung whether it's a hardware trigger ie: efuse it's simply believed that it is. Last replied by You can root the phone and no doubt choose from several custom ROMs for the Edge by .

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  • Everything stays buttery smooth and there is absolutely no indication of lag. I am new to the Android world.
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  • Not impossible, just time consuming. I'm basing this off what I've seen of Oxygen though.

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