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A simile is a figure of speech that compares two different things in an interesting way. The object of a simile is to spark an interesting connection in a reader's or  Missing: jeduke ‎ files ‎ metaphorspptx.
Writers use similes to make their writing more expressive. Let's practice using similes. Missing: jeduke ‎ christmas ‎ metaphorspptx.
CHRISTMAS SIMILES & METAPHORS. Created By, Ms. Jennifer Duke. SIMILE A simile is a phrase or sentence that compares one thing to another using the.

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Aim: What was Japan like before the Meiji Restoration? Create noun phrases using modifiers. Japan is an archipelago. Attack on Pearl Harbor. Russo-Japanese War Japan wins territory, establishes itself as a major world power. And eat lots of candy!

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  • What can I do? In the early medival period, the rights of man were not a concern- survival .
  • Japan is an archipelago. Hormones that Affect Blood Sugar and Stress.
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Log in with your LearnZillion account:. Sparta and the Spartans, Part I Author:. This should give an overview of the lesson, including vocabulary and any special materials needed for the lesson.. Positive Reinforcement: Praise Compared to the Candy Reward.