Masselectric home rates supplyasp

masselectric home rates supplyasp

Service Rates Review our rate descriptions and pricing schedules for residential customers. For information on our other rates or detailed information, please.
Billing & Rates This information will help you understand your bill and the rates you are charged. It will also help you to identify those areas of your bill about.
Difference Between Basic Service Costs and What National Grid Bills for Basic National Grid will continue to deliver electricity to your home or business, read..

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Glossary of terms on your bill. All rates are based on average monthly contract prices in our Basic Service supply contracts over the applicable period. The second option, named Conservation Day Rebates, charges customers in the program the same Standard Basic Service rates that non-program customers are charged, but provides them rebates if they reduce their usage during a Peak Event, compared to their normal level of usage based on their unique usage history. Which group you are in will depend upon the rates for which you are billed delivery service by us, which are shown in the Delivery Services section of your bill. You have a choice of energy providers: Choosing Your Supplier. The monthly rates under the Variable Price Option will change from month to month to reflect the monthly prices of electricity we purchase each month under our contracts with our Basic Service suppliers.

masselectric home rates supplyasp

For more information about choosing a competitive supplier, please visit. Electricity prices aim to satisfy the demand for electricity as economically as possible in each load zone. Competitive suppliers have similar costs as part of their business of selling electricity to residents and businesses in Massachusetts, masselectric home rates supplyasp. The actual calculation performed by National Grid's billing system is more complex and will determine the precise amount of the Billing Adjustment. Managing Your Electric Bill. The price of electricity is greatest during certain 'peak' times of the year, and also during certain times of the day.