News publisher content guidelines

news publisher content guidelines

Content guidelines - We define content as any article, video, slideshow, podcast, Outbrain partners with premium publishers, brands, and agencies who are legitimate editorial content or fact-based news ; Could be a cleverly disguised.
This publishing platform aims to bring personalized news and content to iOS users while combining the source brand look with the sleek Apple.
With Apple News Format, you can create engaging content for Apple News. Apple News comes with a built-in advertising platform that helps you earn revenue from the content you publish. Or create articles in your existing content management system and deliver them through the Apple....

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Point out any discrepancies between multiple sources when needed. Was this article helpful?
news publisher content guidelines

Could you help me how to connect blogger CMS to Apple News API? However, you can seek guidance from other publishers in our Publisher Help Forum. Learn how to create and deliver Apple News Format articles from your own content management system with guides, reference, and examples. Further, our publisher partners may choose to block specific pages or entire sources. Elegant layouts, beautiful typography, photo galleries, videos, and animations bring your stories to life. You must supply additional commentary and context to make your content aggregation liberal liberating education. In a rapidly changing media marketplace, no one set of guidelines can answer every question. The Overseas bishop removes priests from irish seminary over claims Audience Development Strategy Handbook. Outlined text should be transparent no color. Note: Ads served by Apple are not available if you only present your content via RSS. These digital publishing trends posts are where we aggregate content. Advertisements should not be integrated into editorial content. In a mobile world, news publisher content guidelines, Apple has a unique advantage — a captive audience of iOS device users. News publisher content guidelines Published in Apple News. Our ability to meet these goals depends critically on the sites included in Google News. Do you know if this will have any effect on SEO? Finally, you may want to review the many different types of content we include in Google News. Access our innovative members-only resources and tools to further your marketing practice. Is Your Working Capital Working For or Against You? The best content aggregators approach the process as an art form.

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News publisher content guidelines travel

We define content as any article, video, slideshow, podcast, whitepaper, or infographic — owned, earned, sponsored, native, and more! Part of their strategy is, apparently, trying very hard to do to the online news publishing industry what they did to the music industry with iTunes. While not required, we highly recommend that you submit a Google News Sitemap through a Search Console account. Earn additional revenue from Apple ads that appear between articles or topics.

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Discover how to turn one product into ten when you download our FREE Multiplatform Publishing Strategy Handbook. This will ensure that our audiences have a great content experience, even after the first click. We accept content that offers informational or entertainment value to the reader. Apple news is content customized to look great on iOS devices. We generally do not include how-to articles, advice columns, job postings, real estate listings, or strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data. This choice takes you to the next step where you have to provide the RSS feed of your website.

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News publisher content guidelines Indian Country Media Network. We will not accept responsibility in case of loss. If you can demonstrate great content aggregation skills, news sources and readers might send you content directly, making your job easier. News content covering recent events. To start the sign-up process, go to and then click Continue.
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