Opinions articles abstinence only

opinions articles abstinence only

Abstinence - only programs are geared to prevent teens – and sometimes all unmarried people – from The Facts: Abstinence - only education programs are not effective at delaying the initiation of .. Hickman-Brown Public Opinion Research.
Yes, the most effective way to avoid pregnancy is by not having sex, but abstinence - only education doesn't work. A lack of exhaustive sex ed.
OPINION | Opinion Pieces Discuss Whether Abstinence - Only Is Practical Mufson also cites a recent New York Times article reporting that in.

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The ongoing debate over sex education has been rekindled by a provocative new study suggesting that teaching abstinence can delay the start of sexual activity among inner-city youngsters — if it is freed from the moralistic overtones and ideological restrictions that were the hallmark of abstinence-only programs under the Bush administration. And as a teenager, the hormones in our bodies have more control than at any other time in our lives. They are rational human beings, albeit immature and with judgment skills that are not yet fully developed. Is better as a parent to take control of comprehensive sex education, therefore you're capable to let them be aware of the consequences. An error has occurred. Debra Hauser We know teens have sex. Winds light and variable.

The Obama administration, with Congressional acquiescence, has wisely eliminated funding for abstinence-only programs that meet the old ideological criteria and is supporting a range articles steve says technology liberal arts innovation programs to prevent teenage pregnancy, provided they are based on rigorous science. This simply is not the case. Teenagers are not wild animals. Supporters of abstinence-only education sometimes point to a sharp decline in teenage pregnancy rates in recent years as proof that the programs must be working. Tell us what you think. The New York Times. Abstinence-only education was promoted by those who claimed the approach was more effective in reducing teen pregnancies than an expansive curriculum that includes the discussion of safe-sex practices. Kids today are under a lot of peer pressure and although you may hope your child makes the choice to abstain from sexual activity, I want my child to be fully educated should they make a choice. No single approach will suffice to reduce sexual activity in all teenagers, but the new study suggests that there is a sensible, opinions articles abstinence only, effective way to teach abstinence. Includes everything in Basic, plus:. I think a better approach is arming people opinions articles abstinence only knowledge about all things, regarding sexuality, so they can feel like they can make their own decisions, which will empower. Sunshine and clouds mixed.

Just Say NO to Abstinence Only!

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Clear this text input. There is a simple solution: The Obama administration should recognize that the abstinence-only education experiment has failed. We can give teens the independence to choose if or when they want to engage in safe sex.

opinions articles abstinence only