Political parties make feel

political parties make feel

But large shares also react with fear and anger toward the other party. A majority of Democrats say the GOP makes them feel afraid.
As they go to the polls in a historic presidential election, more than six in 10 Americans say neither major political party represents their views.
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Dislike of the other side intensifies among those most engaged in politics -- the people who closely follow political debates, donate money and volunteer. In an interview over the phone, McDonald detailed her reasons for switching parties, her viewpoint on where there's common ground between Democrats and Republicans, and whether she plans to support the Republican nominee for president, Donald J. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. And while feelings of enthusiasm and pride are not widely felt emotions, those who are the most politically active are more likely to express both emotions about the Democratic Party.

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But we have since become dependent on political parties. Republicans who self-identify as more conservative are colder toward Democrats and warmer toward Republicans than those who think of themselves as less conservative. How do the political parties make you feel?