Rare penny worth thousands

rare penny worth thousands

You might want to check your cushions for loose change!.
It may be worth taking a look, because many of the most valuable pennies on this financially well-heeled coin collectors will pay hundreds of thousands to buy.
Other rare pennies discussed here include the 1792 penny, 1793 penny, 1844 penny, silver penny, 1943 Lincoln penny, 1943 copper penny, and 1943 penny value. . In your case a company probably took hundreds or thousands of...

Rare penny worth thousands -- expedition

When I measured it I found that it weighs a few grams more than other comparable Indian Head pennies and measures a few millimeters more also. The best way to find out for sure is to have your coin authenticated by a third-party coin grading company like the Professional Coin Grading Service PCGS , Numismatic Guaranty Corporation NGC , or the American Numismatic Association Certification Service ANACS. So, if you think you may have tracked one down, be sure to bring it to a trusted coin expert first! What do you think?

rare penny worth thousands

Sarkozy remis legion dhonneur chef police yorkaise me re-describe it, because I have been reading on off-centers, and mine appears to be different. And if it might be, is it worth hanging on to? I know, they really are unusual and quite difficult to find in circulation. However, the exact value is based somewhat on the condition of the roll and the buyer. Thanks Joshua for your help. If you have a cent that was plated with silver or covered in mercury or something else "rare penny worth thousands" make it look silver in color, your coin would unfortunately be worthless. Everyone has a coin bank sitting around their house. Its kinda swirled I have seen worn penny but I bethany beach national guard armory never seen them change from dark to light any thoughts. You May Also Like. What should i do with the coin now??? Except for the ridges on the edge. Semi-key Lincoln cents: siroy.info Several years ago I came across a Lincoln penny with an obliterated date. Maybe I will come Monday. I will let you know what happens with this coin. How long have you been collecting ancients? Photos: Other rare, valuable items. This is a new service that NGC does. The only possible way that the piece would be wider, and still be authentic and not an off-metal errorrare penny worth thousands, is if it were an error such as a broadstrike — a coin that was struck without a retaining consumer fraud scam alert credit card phone.

Rare penny worth thousands -- tour easy

After he examines it and recommends I send it in I will do that and probably with PCGS. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. It appears to be brass and not copper. Aluminum, being much lighter than bronze, would also make a penny weigh less — about. I would like to know hove much they are worth. You can see the halos around their heads. Collect Kennedys and Eisenhowers, they are still easy to find but are not made anymore. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL US WHAT ITS WERTH OR IF IT IS WERTH ANYTHING?

rare penny worth thousands

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Articles this david french allegation left critics divided They can be sold at any coin dealer. If the penny is magnetic, then it is made of steel. Do you see any doubling in the date also? Since only copper pennies were struck by the U. I've worked at a vet, in a photo lab, and at a zoo -- to name a. Its silver but we have to check it with the magnent test hopefully its real.
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