Resources primers chronicdisease

resources primers chronicdisease

Contents. Waterloo CDP Initiative: Chronic Disease Prevention Primer . . Chronic Disease Prevention Research External Funding Sources.
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As detailed in the resources below, the sex differences in autoimmune diseases are startling, underscoring the necessity of sex- and gender- based analysis. Book Review: Committed to the Sane Asylum. MeSH MeSH Medical Subject Headings is the NLM controlled vocabulary thesaurus used for indexing articles for PubMed. Asks why proven non-drug alternatives that address the emotional distress of women, such as exercise, support, psychotherapy, and nutritional improvements, are not being supported, funded and prioritized by government. Fact: The number of Aboriginal women in Canada with diabetes surpasses that of Aboriginal men and is five times that of white women. resources primers chronicdisease

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  • Some of the following resources examine the issues of weight, obesity and chronic disease using a gender and diversity lens.
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The following resources look at lung diseases in women and their relationship to smoking, as this is the major preventable risk factor. Looks at the health benefits of regular physical activity, and the individual and systemic factors that determine women's adoption of regular physical activity throughout their lifespan. Presented as an online interactive learning unit of the gender and health training for Ontario medical schools. Weight and Chronic Disease. The most important cause of COPD is smoking, and the rate of smoking is increasing in women, particularly in developing countries. Of particular note is bisphenol A BPA which is found widely in plastics and canned food liners and has been linked to obesity in animal research. Gender and Cardiovascular Disease Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Provides an overview of women and cardiovascular disease, from the perspective of the health practitioner.

resources primers chronicdisease

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Resources primers chronicdisease Are you in crisis? Book Review: Committed to the Sane Asylum. In this special resource section, we first look at chronic disease with resources that consider the roles of sex, gender and other social determinants. Traumatic spinal cord injury. Most occur in women, and most often during their childbearing years. NCBI Skip to main.
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