Sailing sognefjord norway

sailing sognefjord norway

Sailing with 55 feet luxurious cruiser-racing yacht trough the fjords of Norway. Stavanger We sail to the most famous fjord of Norway, The Sognefjord. A cruise.
The rich variety, good facilities, exciting waters and unique coastal scenery of Fjord Norway is a well-kept secret among yachtsmen and yachtswomen. Whether you prefer sailing the waves out at the ocean’s edge or canoeing on flat-calm fjords with huge mountains as a backdrop.
Sail the full 205 kilometres of the Sognefjord, Norway ´s longest and deepest (1308 m) fjord; Taste fresh local produce collected along the route...

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Here are a few other ideas. Fjords and midnight sun in one week. For part of the middle ages. We had to go. And of course visiting Runde's famous bird colonies...
sailing sognefjord norway

Arriving in Bergen by sea whether on your own boat or on a cruise ship or ferry is magical. Jaw-dropping photos from Norway. Welcome to the Itinerary Planner. You want to see both the legendary fjords and the midnight sun, but only have one week. Would love to visit someday. What's on in Lyngdal.

Flying: Sailing sognefjord norway

  • Sailing sognefjord norway
  • Meetings and conference in Geilo. The echo of The Scream.
  • Downhill biking in Geilo. What's on in Southern Norway.
  • Low-season fishing in Southern Norway.

Sailing in Norway

Sailing sognefjord norway - tri easy

Hotels and more in Arendal and surroundings. Find your local tourist information office. Things to do in the Hardangerfjord region. The instructions are in English as well as other major languages. The next day, we raised anchor, leaving Horgo and had a fabulous downwind sail to the port of Haugesund.

sailing sognefjord norway