Snapchat evan spiegel interview

snapchat evan spiegel interview

The pair talks about Snapchat, an app that shares photos for only 10 seconds.
The Snapchat frontman fielded questions on an array of tech-focused Snapchat's three-part business.
Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel on Diversity, Features for the Olds and More at Code This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity..

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Mossberg: Well, I mean, is there a practical way to do it on something like this watch? Yeah, there are a ton of folks, in all sorts of industries, really. Spiegel: We try to do it just in our send-to screen alone: You can pick your mom or you best friend, or everyone on Snapchat, or public, everyone. So if we take a step back and look at what Snapchat is, it all starts with the camera. Is that good enough for you? Again, early days, a couple months in, but the results so far have been promising. And we always try to apply the product perspective: What really do people want from music?

snapchat evan spiegel interview

We added that editorial balance. And I think people can really underestimate how much fun it is to take a photo or video and then draw on it or add a caption. Spiegel: Diversity, for us, is really closely tied to competency. But more importantly, its defining feature was its ephemeral nature. Bear case on Snap. Now there are all sorts of editing tools. After starting to run select video ads earlier this year, Snapchat is about to begin soliciting other big advertisers with some new numbers that assert its audience is bigger, younger, nambour sunshine coast more obsessive than anything on television. Mossberg: Well, I mean, is there a practical way to do it on something like this watch? Mossberg: Does it matter to you that there be an exit for your business? It was counter to the horizontal way video was supposed to be filmed.

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The video does not exist in the system. What we do know from more than a dozen conversations with colleagues and acquaintances who would talk to us — almost all of whom would only talk off the record — is that Spiegel can be tough to work for, especially for those coming from Silicon Valley where companies preach openness and debate. And that speaks again to what makes Spiegel different. Snapchat may have overestimated the pull it has with advertisers. Spiegel told the LA Times he'd rather investors focus on engagement than user growth. Employees, both current and former, say information of all kinds is typically shared on a need-to-know basis.

snapchat evan spiegel interview