Spanish swear words extreme

spanish swear words extreme

Everyone learning Spanish aspires to eventually be able to swear (jurar) and use dirty words (usar palabras guarras) in real crude Spanish and appear native.
Many Spanish swear words and insults cover similar territory to their English counterparts. Defecation, genitalia and sex provide the basis for a.
The Spanish language employs a wide range of swear words that vary between Spanish speaking nations, and in regions and subcultures of each nation. As in...

Spanish swear words extreme -- tour Seoul

Stay Silent And Get siroy.infoy! Que te folle un pez This one is one of my favorites and one I have personally never said because I am terrified of using it wrong, and I think it sounds just plain ridiculous as a native English speaker.

spanish swear words extreme


Spanish swear words extreme -- flying fast

La ingle - Groin. We're revisiting it in light of the interest awakened by our earlier posts on Spanish words with no direct English translation. So, if you know the Spanish translations for any of those English insults or swear words, consider submitting them to the site, and helping out your fellow language learners! Who is Young Adventuress? It is this crude linguistic demeanor of native speakers that is bound to win you over despite their vulgarity.

spanish swear words extreme