Terms test flash cards

terms test flash cards

So many terms, so little time! Refresh your memory of some of the commonly confused terms related to emergency medical care with our free EMT test flashcards.
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Aside are presumed unheard by other actors. An adjective that describes words, phrases, or general tone that is overly scholarly, academic, or bookish show-offy. Free Flashcards for the EMT test. Irony This occurs when a reader expects something and gets the opposite or says something and means the opposite Metaphor A comparison of two unlike things NOT using like or as, My love is a rose. Although the term is not frequently in the multiple choice section, you can look for alliteration in any essay passage.

terms test flash cards

Please sign in to share these flashcards. Upgrade to Cram Premium Close. Allusions can be historical, literary, religious, topical, or mythical. An EMT must be thoroughly familiar with all terms used in cardiology and resuscitation as they relate to emergency care. A device used to produce figurative language. Biography A story of a person's life written by another author. Click to Rate "Liked It".

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  • Our email address is info siroy.info and please accept our very best wishes in this endeavor! Syntax is similar to diction, but you can differentiate them by thinking of syntax as groups of words, while diction refers to the individual words. A metaphor developed at great length, occurring frequently in or throughout a work.


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Terms test flash cards How to study your flashcards. Connotations may involve ideas, emotions, or attitudes. Please sign in to share these flashcards. Ready To Get Started? What is your email? A device used to produce figurative language.
Terms test flash cards The repetition of sounds, especially initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words as in "she sells sea shells by the seashore". Character -- Static Character A character that remains the same throughout a story or novel. Add to folder [? Improve your grades by studying with flashcards, games and. Occasionally, however, parodies take on a life of their own and don't require knowledge of the original.
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