Twitter bans donald trump

twitter bans donald trump

Ok, let's break down all the opposition for banning Donald Trump from Twitter. . Not banning Trump from Twitter sooner will be Jack Dorsey's biggest regret.
Donald Trump could be banned from Twitter, the company has said. The social network has said that if the President-elect breaks its rules with.
"Look, I don't like tweeting," Donald Trump told Fox & Friends two days If Trump disliked Twitter so much, he would have surrendered Twitter to.

Twitter bans donald trump journey Seoul

The flushed-faced loudmouth at the bar, five drinks in, leaning over our shoulder, breathing hot beer, attempting to regale us with tales of past glory. No wonder companies flee country! Trump should be allowed to tweet not because free speech is golden though it is—at least for now , or because the president deserves special privilege. The weekly Sunday magazine and monthly T Magazine. Sure, his retweets are often awkwardly constructed and sometimes misspelled , but the end result's the same: more than any other medium, Trump's at home on Twitter.
twitter bans donald trump

This is not a free speech issue. Before winning the GOP nomination, twitter bans donald trump, Trump's tweets were deemed by many as mere entertainment fodder from a colorful businessman. No wonder companies flee country! But when Twitter launched a decade ago, none of us could have imagined such a scenario playing out on the platform, with the most powerful person on the planet—the president of the United States—starring as "that guy. But people inside the company also recognize their role in elevating a dangerous man to a position of real-world power.

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